Baylor College of Medicine

Helping Autistic Adolescents with Behavior Therapy for Internalizing Traits (H-52639)



Are you the parent of an autistic teen aged 12-17 with anxiety and/or depression? 

Baylor College of Medicine is conducting a research study that provides free, weekly, virtual cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for autistic teens with anxiety and/or depression. 

What's involved? 

  • 10 weeks of free, virtual CBT tailored for autism 
  • A total of three virtual assessments (at baseline, midpoint, and after treatment) 
  • Compensation for each completed assessment visit ($100 each) 

Is this study right for me? 

  • Does your child (age 12-17) have an autism spectrum disorder diagnosis? 
  • Can your child communicate verbally? 
  • Is your child experiencing anxiety, worries, fears, or sadness? 
  • Do you currently reside in Texas? 

If you are interested or unsure if you meet the requirements, contact a member of the study team at

IRB: H-52639




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