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Healthcare: Cancer Care

Cancer Treatment


A treatment plan for patients at the Baylor St. Luke’s Dan L Duncan Comprehensive Cancer Center looks different for every individual. Our multidisciplinary approach to cancer care puts the patient at the focus of their treatment plan, and depending on their cancer, health history, family health history and other factors, our team customizes an approach specific to the patient. 

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Chemotherapy is the use of medicine to destroy cancer cells.Sometimes medicines are put into the blood, usually in a vein, so that they can travel to cells all over the body. 

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Immunotherapy helps treat cancer by supporting the body's immune system. It can restore, boost, or redirect the immune system.

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Radiation therapy uses high energy rays, such as X-rays, to destroy cancer cells and shrink tumors in different parts of the body. It is used to treat many types of cancer. Radiation damages the genetic material of cancer cells, which stops their growth. 

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Surgeons use breakthrough techniques and technology to surgically remove cancer. 


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