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Healthcare: Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine


Evidence-Based Medicine and Research


The sports medicine experts at Baylor Medicine are focused on advancing the medical care for athletes in this region through innovative approaches to treatment that leverage the latest translational research findings while simultaneously incorporating evidence-based strategies. We evaluate our outcomes of care in a rigorous manner in order to consistently lead the way in providing effective prevention strategies, diagnostic methods and treatment protocols.



  • Athletic Injuries - Non-Surgical and Surgical Treatment
  • Athletic Training Outreach
  • Concussion Program
  • CPR/First Aid, AED Training
  • Regenerative/Injection Therapy
  • Onsite Diagnostic Testing and Imaging
  • Physical Therapy
  • Sports Nutrition

For Sports Medicine Patients


Sports medicine patient forms and information as well as general patient forms and information including insurance, pay online, billing, hotel/motel guide, customer service, privacy practices (HIPAA) and more.