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Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle


As part of our Sports Medicine services, Exercise and Lifestyle consultations are available to patients who are looking to improve performance, enhance overall health, prevent injury and maintain physical health throughout their lives.

Before you pick up a new sport or exercise routine, increase your training regimen or make any changes to your diet or fitness routine, it is important to understand what additional measures need to be taken so that you not only meet your goals, but also prevent over stressing your body and preventing injuries.

Health and fitness challenges can happen at any age, but maintaining a healthy lifestyle is something that should be reassessed throughout various stages in life.

Starting around age 40, most of us lose between three to five percent of muscle mass per decade without involvement in some form of physical activity.

Three important factors in maintaining health in middle age include:

  • Cardiovascular fitness – running, biking, swimming and rowing
  • Muscle strength – weight training, barre workouts and Pilates
  • Flexibility – yoga and pilates

It's best to commit to a reasonable workout that can be done in an hour. You might seek out a professional to help design an exercise regimen if needed. Take one day off between heavy exercise or focus on lighter intensity exercise to avoid over stressing your body.

Nutrition (input) is actually just as important as output or exercise. Stick to lean protein, vegetables and fruit. Avoid sugar and consume alcohol in moderation. Make your diet something that can be sustained, and allow for a cheat meal once a week. Schedule a daily weigh-in.

Always be sure to consult with a physician before beginning a diet or fitness regimen.

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