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My Journey to Choose Weight Loss Surgery

I love the new me — thanks to the help of Dr. Holder-Haynes and her staff! —Sherry M.


I started to have severe pain on my left side, lower back area. The pain would resonate down my left leg and cause me to experience poor equilibrium and numbness. The pain had gotten so bad, I had to balance/brace myself, when standing up or else I would fall.

I went to three doctors looking for answers and relief for the disabling pain. People say that the third time's a charm, and they were right! I went through three MRIs and plenty of pain medications. I had two bulging disks in my back and two centimeters of my spine had collapsed and were pressing against each other.

My doctor told me that being overweight was causing the bulk of the problems with my pain and suggested three options: lose 100 pounds on your own, have back surgery, or have bariatric (weight loss) surgery. At this point, with the excruciating pain I was experiencing, I just wanted to stop hurting and release the agony. As you can see, I chose option three: the charm number!

Weight Loss Surgery at Baylor Medicine

I met with Dr. Juliet Holder-Haynes to discuss weight loss surgery. After reviewing my case and my options, she recommended gastric sleeve surgery as the best option for me. She really took the time to look at my specific issues and recommended what would work best for me.


I had surgery in August 2014 and following surgery, I have lost 115 pounds and I feel and look GREAT!

My life has been so different since surgery. I no longer suffer with back pain, leg pain, and numbness in my leg, being off balance, and the misery of carrying around 268 pounds of weight. I love the new me, thanks to the help of Dr. Holder-Haynes and her staff. Thanks you for letting me tell my story to help others overcome their weight-related challenges and share the hope I found in a new life!