Would You Like to Participate in a Research Program or Do You Know Someone Who May Be Interested?

The best way to improve understanding of the cause of a disease and to develop new and approved treatments is through clinical research. In addition to providing expert and compassionate care, experimental therapeutics designed to test novel therapeutic approaches that provide symptomatic relief as well as potentially slow the progression of the disease, is one of the primary missions in the Parkinson's Disease Center and Movement Disorders Clinic, Baylor College of Medicine. Patients can help by participating in clinical trials.

Many of our studies are placebo-controlled studies. This means that the medication being tested is compared to an inactive substance ("sugar-pill"). Patients will be informed of all known risks and benefits and will have an opportunity to discuss with the movement disorders specialists which studies may be most appropriate.

If interested in participating in one of the clinical studies listed, patients or their referring physicians can contact Christine Hunter, R.N., at (713) 798-3951 or email her at chunter@bcm.edu.