Baylor College of Medicine

Correlation Study to establish Cardiac Troponin I Levels Obtained Using Non-Invasive Wearable with that of Standard or Care High Sensitivity Cardiac Troponin I (H-51255)



Background: The standard of care treatment for a problem like this is to draw blood and check for a biomarker called troponin I. If these blood levels are elevated, it indicates that you have had damage to your heart. A company called RCE Technologies has developed a non-invasive way to measure troponin I using a device with an optical sensor that is worn on the wrist. The device is called Tropsensor.

Purpose: To compare results from the regular medical tests to the results that are measured on the Tropsensor.

Project status: Enrolling patients from Ben Taub Emergency Department.

Coordinator Role: screen, consent, enroll and collect data.

Open to students: Yes

IRB: H-51255




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