Baylor College of Medicine

Molecular and Human Genetics Biorepository of Control Samples (H-49941)



Researchers at Baylor College of Medicine want to create a biorepository of de-identified samples from children and adults without a known genetic disorder to be used as control samples by investigators at Baylor and their collaborators for further understanding of genetic disorders.

To be eligible to participate in the study you must:  

  • Be older than three years old and without a known genetic disorder and birth defect 
  • Be able to travel to Texas Medical center (TMC) in Houston, TX.
  • Willing to donate one or more of the following samples: blood, urine, and skin.

If you are interested and meet eligibility criteria, please contact Dr.  Mahshid Azamian at (832) 822-1529 or


Dr. Mahshid Azamian

Phone 1: 832–822–1529

IRB: H-49941




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