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COVID 19 Registry: a Quality Improvement Project (H-47513)



Background: An acute respiratory disease, caused by a novel coronavirus, the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has spread throughout China and received worldwide attention. The clinical symptoms of COVID-19 patients include fever, cough, fatigue and gastrointestinal symptoms. In 2003, a similar virus was named SARS coronavirus. The mortality rate caused by the virus was around 10-15 percent. The emergence of another outbreak in 2012 of novel coronavirus in Middle East shared similar features. The initial clinical manifestations for both SARS and MERS were nonspecific except that the majority of patients presented with fever and respiratory symptoms. Unprotected hospital staffs were at high risk of getting infected. Covid-19, caused by a similar virus as that of SARS and MERS, is officially a pandemic and has reached at least 124 countries. It is estimated that 16 to 64 million people will be infected in the US alone with 80,000 to 1.9 million deaths. As of now, there is no treatment or vaccination for this disease and therefore, it is important to understand who is at risk of developing severe symptoms and how to manage it.

Purpose: The primary objective of the study is to describe the cohort of patients diagnosed with COVID 19. Secondary objective is to analyze demographics and co-morbid conditions to identify risk factors for increased morbidity and mortality.

Project status: Enrolling patients from the Emergency Department

Coordinator Role: screen, consent, enroll and collect data.

Open to students: Yes

IRB: H-47513




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