Baylor College of Medicine

Evaluating Effectiveness of Student-Led Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Skills Workshop (H-43603)



Background: Trends within healthcare over the last decade have resulted in a tremendous increase in the collection of data pertaining to quality improvement and patient safety (QI/PS). Much of this data is centered on clinical outcomes, however less data is readily available regarding medical education. The World Health Organization (WHO) and Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) have encouraged medical schools to incorporate QI/PS into standard curriculum required for all students. However, studies have shown that medical students have a low level of QI/PS exposure and knowledge.


  1. To develop student-led hands-on standardized curriculum for basic QI/PS skills through Baylor College of Medicine's Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) Chapter
  2. Assess learners' attitude, behaviors and knowledge regarding QI/PS
  3. Obtain quantitative and qualitative feedback for workshops.

Project status: Enrolling patients from the Emergency Department

Coordinator Role: screen, consent, enroll and collect data.

Open to students: Yes

IRB: H-43603




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