Baylor College of Medicine

Pediatric Emergency Medicine (PEM) Training (H-38422)



Background: The early recognition and stabilization of acutely ill and injured infants and children improves outcomes. However, many healthcare facilities in developing countries are ill-equipped to recognize and stabilize emergently ill infants and children. As a result, severely ill children often experience significant delay in the initiation of potentially life-saving treatment. Evidence suggests that interventions including the introduction of triage training, use of clinical practice guidelines, and educational initiatives can improve care.

Purpose: Improve pediatric emergency care in Belize through relevant PEM training, and link to improved clinical outcomes.

Project status: the course has been completed in Belize City (Modules 1-6). Data collection and analysis is ongoing linking clinical outcomes to training. Regional training is scheduled to begin in 2020.

Research Assoc Role: data collection and analysis of clinical outcomes following training, preparing modules for regional training.

IRB: H-38422




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