Baylor College of Medicine

GI Morbidity in Autism Spectrum Disorders (H-35071)



Identifying Biomarkers of GI Morbidity in Autism Spectrum Disorders: Linking Multi-Omics and Human Behavior

We are seeking participants for a research study of abdominal pain in children with autism spectrum disorders. Eligible participants include children 4-12 years of age, specifically children with a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder, children with abdominal pain, and children with no abdominal pain. Siblings of children with autism with no abdominal pain are also eligible. The study will encompass behavioral, abdominal pain, and the bacteria (microbiome) and small biological molecules (metabolome) in the gastrointestinal tract. Participation is easy, there is no pain involved, and your time will be compensated.

This study is being conducted by Baylor College of Medicine in conjunction with Texas Children's Hospital, and this research is funded by Autism Speaks.

IRB: H-35071




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