School of Medicine

2019-20 Tuition and Fees: M.D. Program


Direct Expenses


The following tables show the direct expenses that are billed to students attending Baylor College of Medicine. All charges are divided between Fall and Spring semester billing unless otherwise indicated. Tuition and fees are subject to change. View descriptions of medical student fees.

Students are required to participate in the student health insurance plan offered by the school unless they are covered by a comparable plan and have received approval for a waiver by the Human Resources Office.

View Indirect Educational Expenses
 M.D. Program - Academic Year 2019-20
 First YearSecond YearThird YearFourth Year
Texas Residents Total: Tuition+Fees+Insurance$27,632.50$27,811$27,587$27,355
Non-Resident Total: Tuition+Fees+Insurance$40,732.50$40,911$40,687$40,455
Texas Residents Tuition$19,425$19,425$19,425$19,425
Non-Residents Tuition$32,525$32,525$32,525$32,525
Health Insurance ($466.50/month)$5,131.50$5,598$5,598$5,598
Long Term Disability Insurance (Fall Only)$520$520$520$520
Matriculation Fee (Fall Only)$537   
White Coat Ceremony Fee (Fall Only)$65   
Student Class Fee (Fall Only)$90   
Lab Materials Fee$131   
Curriculum Resources Fee$976$1,621$1,397$961
Documentation Fee$100$100$100$100
Academic Success Center Fee$150$150$150$150
Educational IT Fee$375$265$265$265
Malpractice Insurance$12$12$12$12
Student Activities Fee$40$40$40$40
Student Services Fee$35$35$35$35
Yearbook Fee (Fall Only)$45$45$45$45
Graduation Fee (Spring Only)   $204

International students are assessed an annual Visa Fee each fall. F-1 Visa: $75. J-1 Visa: $100.

Medical Research Pathway - Academic Year 2019-20
 Research Year
Texas Resident Total: Tuition+Fees+Insurance$25,825
Non-Resident Total: Tuition+Fees+Insurance$38,925
Texas Resident Tuition$19,425
Non-Resident Tuition$32,525
Health Insurance ($466.50/month)$5,598
Long-Term Disability Insurance (Fall Only)$520
Malpractice Insurance$12
Yearbook Fee (Fall Only)$45
Student Services Fee$35
Student Activities Fee$40
Academic Success Center Fee$150

The Research Year for the Medical Research Pathway is completed between the second and third years of the medical program.


*Assessed only to international students based on visa type.