School of Medicine

Student Host Program


The Medical Scientist Training Program provides an opportunity for you, the interviewee, to stay in the home of a Baylor College of Medicine MSTP student for two nights of your interview session.

This is an excellent opportunity for you to get to know some students, to get a feel for student life at Baylor, and to cut down on your travel costs! Remember, you can't learn as much about the College in a hotel room.

Our student hosts volunteer free housing for Thursday and Friday nights, but we do not hold them responsible for additional nights of housing.

If you are arriving earlier than Thursday or leaving later than Saturday, please make your own arrangements for the additional days.

Please sign up for the Student Host Program a minimum of two weeks prior to your interview date. This will ensure we have enough time to assign hosts and inform anyone we are not able to accommodate.

To request housing with a BCM MSTP student, please fill out the MSTP Interview Information Form.

We look forward to meeting you!

This is a great way to really get to know some students and get a feel for student life. We need two weeks minimum advance notice so apply early if you are interested.