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Patient Bill of Rights

At Baylor Clinic, we're working hard every day to bring our vision of healthcare to life. We want you to share in that vision, to understand your rights and to have the highest expectations when it comes to your care. While there will be times when it is not possible to achieve every goal during your visit, we are committed to making our vision a reality and providing the best care possible.

You have the right to:

Be Treated with Respect

It is our privilege to serve every patient that comes through our door. We pledge to serve patients with consideration and without discrimination at all times.

Participate In Your Healthcare

You have the right to all the information you need to make the best possible decisions, including treatment options, test results, and an explanation of costs involved. You have the right to accept or reject a treatment plan. Your care will be improved if you participate in the decisions regarding your health.

Access Your Medical Record

Your medical record is kept in the Clinic, but it is your medical information and you have the right to access it. You may order a copy of your record at any time for a small administrative fee.

A Second Opinion

Do not hesitate to ask your doctor if you want a second opinion. Many times, when a disease is serious, complex or demands a surgical intervention, patients seek a second opinion.


You have the right to talk in confidence with your healthcare providers and, within legal limits, to have your privacy protected at all times.

Have a Family Member with You

You may have a family member accompany you during your discussion with the doctor.

Know the Names and The Titles/Roles of Our Staff

We expect our staff to wear identification badges. If you do not see a badge, please feel free to ask any of us for our name and our role (doctor, nurse, receptionist, etc.).

Have Your Advance Directive on File

Many patients develop "advance directives," or living wills. You can give this to your doctor and it will be filed in your medical record.

Be Examined In Private

Your provider may be working with a healthcare student. You have the right to request that your examination be completed without anyone else in the room (unless a chaperone is required for sensitive exams).


If you have any concerns about your visit to to one of our Baylor College facilities, you may: