Finding the right Medicare insurance can be frustrating and confusing. We understand and want to help. Working with MedicareCompareUSA, Baylor College of Medicine offers a free Medicare Helpline for our patients on Medicare. The helpline gets you connected with Baylor College of Medicine’s Medicare resources.

This service provides Medicare beneficiaries with detailed information regarding their healthcare providers' accepted Medicare plans and overall Medicare policy. In addition, you can get assistance with the process of matching-up Medicare plans to your specific needs, preferences and budget. We encourage you to take advantage of these free resources.

Visit the MedicareCompareUSA website or call the Medicare Helpline for Baylor College of Medicine at 1-866-391-7731.

About MedicareCompareUSA

MedicareCompareUSA is an independent insurance agency that is not affiliated with the federal Medicare program. All services provided at no cost; MedicareCompareUSA and its affiliated agents are paid directly by the Medicare plan chosen by the beneficiary.