Have you wanted to participate in clinical studies yet not known how to find a contact number?

If you are in good health and able to complete visits to Baylor College of Medicine, we would like to hear from you for National Institute of Health-funded vaccine studies conducted in the Houston area.

There is compensation for time, travel, and parking in the Texas Medical Center.

For more information, call (713) 798-4912  or complete our volunteer interest form.         

Available Studies

Chikungunya Vaccine Study (H-39616)
The purpose of this study is to test immune response to the chikungunya vaccine and to determine the best dose and immunization schedule for the vaccine.

Zika Vaccine Study (H-40208)
Investigators at the Baylor College of Medicine Vaccine Research Center are seeking volunteers to participate in a clinical trial of an experimental vaccine to protect against the Zika virus.


Study CoordinatorPhone 1: (713) 798-4912
IRB: h-33156




Apr 17, 2015