Baylor College of Medicine

Adolescent Communication of Emotions Study (H-49711)



Baylor College of Medicine is looking for research volunteers to participate in a study that uses advanced computer technology to examine language use and facial expressions in adolescents who are either anxious, depressed, autistic or have no mental health concerns. This research seeks to better understand how adolescents communicate socially and emotionally and will help to develop better diagnostic tools for autism, anxiety and depression. During a single, in-person research visit, eligible participants will complete a series of psychological assessments and interact with research staff on a variety of tasks. All interactions will be recorded using high-tech video cameras that can record facial affect, language use and body movement. 
We are recruiting participants between ages 12-17, both with and without mental health diagnosis. This study is eligible for compensation and volunteer hours, and families will receive a detailed assessment report after completing the visit. 
For more information, contact Becca Greenberg at

IRB: H-49711




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