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Pediatric Deep Brain Stimulation: Neuroethics and Decision Making (H-45996)



We are recruiting participants for a study to learn about the experiences and perspectives of children with dystonia and their caregivers to learn what you think about pediatric deep brain stimulation (DBS). 

Participation would involve a short questionnaire and 60-minute interview for each the caregiver and the child/young adult, separately. 

We are seeking: 

  • Parents of children with severe dystonia symptoms.
  • Young adults with dystonia who had DBS as a child (age 18 or under).
  • Parents of children with dystonia who have had DBS.
  • Parents of children with dystonia who are considering DBS.
  • Parents of children with dystonia who declined DBS.

We will compensate participants with a $50 Amazon gift card for completing the questionnaire and interview. 


Laura Torgerson

Phone 1: 303–249–1700

IRB: H-45996




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