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APRE: Abiraterone Acetate and Prednisone in Men with Prostate Cancer (H-44335)



APRE: Evaluation of Response to Abiraterone/Prednisone by Race/Ethnicity, PSA Decline and Genetic Variation in Proteins Involved in Androgen Metabolism in Metastatic Hormone Naive Prostate Cancer

Brief Summary:The investigators are conducting this study with men that have prostate cancer and are getting standard of care treatment with the drugs abiraterone acetate and prednisone. The study will follow men with prostate cancer from initiation of participation in the study and for up to 10 years. The reason for the study is that researchers think that there may be a connection between the race and ethnicity of men with prostate cancer and how well the standard treatments work for the participants.

The study will enroll men with newly diagnosed hormone naïve prostate cancer within 42 days of receiving the first dose of ADT (LHRH agonist) or undergoing orchiectomy. Patients will continue ADT throughout the study. Abiraterone acetate and low dose prednisone will continue until progression as defined by standard PCWG2 criteria.

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IRB: H-44335




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