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Autism Research PALs (Registry) (H-42938)



Want to Participate in an Autism Research Study?
To see if your child or family might qualify for one of our currently enrolling autism studies or future studies, please fill out the appropriate Participation Awareness List (PALs) form listed below.

Why Participate in Autism Research?
Families may learn additional information that informs their children’s medical care, therapies, and educational programming. Research is the only way to discover currently unknown causes of autism. Research allows us to explore ways to detect autism at the earliest ages so that helpful interventions can be started. Families may feel good about contributing to science in ways that will make the experience of autism easier for those following in their footsteps. Research helps us understand how to promote the best outcomes for all individuals with autism.

Participation Awareness List (PALs) Forms
Please select one of the following forms:

This study is being conducted by Robin Kochel, Ph.D. To learn more about Dr. Kochel and her lab, visit her lab page.

See Kochel Lab for Clinical Autism Research


Gabriela Marzano

Phone 1: 832–824–3394

IRB: H-42938




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