Baylor College of Medicine

Intestinal Permeability in Depression (H-36114)



This project is examining if teens between the ages of 12 and 17 years old with depression have “leaky guts.” To study this, we administer certain sugars, that are present in nature and sometimes found in our diet, and collect urine over a period of hours up to a day, to see how much of the sugars get into the bloodstream. We then relate this information to feelings of depression by comparing teens with and without this condition. We also collect stool samples to better understand the link between depression, gut function, and the gut bacteria. We hope this information will help us develop better treatments.  This study involves an initial clinic visit, a follow up clinic visit at least 6 months later, and may include the following: questionnaires, a blood draw, a bone scan (DXA), brain scans (MRI, EEG), providing a stool sample, and providing urine samples for 24 hours. We provide compensation between $120 and $290, reimbursement for transportation expenses, a copy of the brain or bone scan, and a meal. 


Chadi Calarge Lab

Phone 1: 832–824–5002

IRB: H-36114




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