SPARK for Autism

SPARK (Simons Foundation Powering Autism Research for Knowledge)

If you or your child has a diagnosis of autism, Baylor College of Medicine (in affiliation with Texas Children's Hospital) invites you to learn more about SPARK, a new online research study sponsored by the Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative (SFARI). The mission of SPARK is clear: we want to speed up research and advance understanding of autism by creating the nation’s largest ever autism research study. Individuals and families from all over the United States are eligible to participate in this landmark effort. Together, we can help SPARK a better future for all individuals and families affected by autism.

Why Participate in SPARK?

  • Receive updates on the latest research.
  • Have access to experts who will arm you with information to help address daily situations.
  • Receive a gift card valued at up to a total of $50 for participation for the individual with autism.
  • Receive results from the analysis of your or your family's DNA, in the event that you opt to receive this information, as well as a genetic cause for the individual with ASD.

Participate Online

Joining SPARK is simple – register online in 20-30 minutes and provide a DNA sample via a saliva collection kit in the comfort of your own home. By using Texas Children’s unique registration link, our research team will personally support you throughout your participation.

Participate at the Autism Center (Texas Children’s Hospital)

To receive live support completing the registration forms and saliva DNA collection, register in person at the Autism Center (Houston, Texas) by contacting the SPARK study coordinator at or (832) 824-3624.

Principle Investigator

Robin Page Kochel, Ph.D.


Andrea Simon andrea.simon@bcm.eduPhone 1: (832) 824-3624
IRB: h-38531




Nov 28, 2016