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Examining Behavioral Sensitization Underlying Misophonia and its Illness Course (H-49658)



Seeking Adults for a Research Study into Mechanisms of Strong Emotional Reactions to Everyday Sounds 

Baylor College of Medicine is looking for individuals 18 years and older, who get suddenly irritable, angry, disgusted or have other negative emotions when hearing family members, friend or people you work with typing, eating, breathing, or make other everyday sounds. Perhaps those strong emotions are expressed as a sudden outburst of anger, feeling nauseas, or walking away. Perhaps life is less manageable because of the reactions to the sounds or to the expectation that the sounds may occur.

If you recognize yourself in this description, please think about participating in a research study that is using questionnaires and a test that measures facial muscle activity to get better information what brain mechanisms could be involved to the sudden negative emotional reactions to everyday sounds. You will be compensated for your time if you take part in the study.


Catie Rast

Phone 1: 713–798–1916

IRB: H-49658




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