Baylor College of Medicine

Deep Phenotypic Characterization of Misophonia in Children and Adolescents (H-46491)



Researchers at the Baylor College of Medicine are conducting a study that will examine the nature and characteristics of misophonia in children and adolescents (a condition in which specific sensory sensations, such as a particular sound, lead to a strong physical and emotional response such anger and anxiety). The study will explore the neuropsychobiological underpinnings of misophonia using a series of bio-behavioral tasks, including neuropsychiatric assessments, neurophysiological assays such as heart rate measurement, and audiological evaluation, as well as a novel quantitative method for quantifying dynamics of facial expression (facial affect recognition). The data from this study will provide valuable information about commonalities and variations in the presentation of misophonia and will help set the stage for establishing valid diagnostic approaches and effective interventions that are vital for future research on this condition.

For details about the study, please contact Gifty Amos Nwankwo at or (713) 798-1916.


Gifty Amos Nwankwo

Phone 1: 713–798–1916

IRB: H-46491




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