Our Students

Throughout medical school and your career beyond, you will rely on your fellow students as friends, teachers, mentors and advisors. Therefore, the composition and culture of the student body are critical components of your education. 

See the makeup of the most recent entering class on the Baylor College of Medicine blog, Momentum.

"To me, diversity is less about walking into a room and seeing different colors and more about hearing about what people with different backgrounds bring to the table because of that. The international population at Baylor College of Medicine and in Houston lends itself to having bigger conversations. From my own experience, having gone to college in a mostly white midwestern area, it has been really informative to see how people from different backgrounds engage with their communities and engage in dialogues with each other." - Maria Vigil, M.D. Student

There are a wide range of opportunities and services to supplement and enhance your experience at Baylor College of Medicine.

Student Engagement

Through the Medical Student Senate, each medical school class has representatives who present class needs and opinions to the administration, faculty, and the Senate. Medical students also participate at the College level through service on various committees. Student led societies and organizations provide networks of like minded individuals with whom you can pursue your interests.

Student Success Services

We are committed to helping you successfully navigate through your education and into your career of choice. Our holistic approach is designed to help you succeed in academic excellence, wellness, career planning and more

Community Service

Serving our community is a core component of our mission, vision and values. Whether you are looking to help locally, nationally or globally, you will find abundant opportunities to serve.

credit: Andrew Marsala
A Secure and Respectful Campus

Respect is a core value of the College. The School of Medicine works closely with all areas of College administration and with campus security to ensure a safe environment for our students. 

Additional information about services and support for students is available in the Student Handbook.

"I was born and raised in Pennsylvania. Before I came here I didn't know what to expect in Houston. Would everyone be cowboys?  Houston is a diverse place with  so many things to do. I even like the weather.  It's a great place to live and really affordable." - Amanda Broderick, M.D. Student