Portfolio of student services at Baylor College of Medicine.

Baylor College of Medicine's portfolio of student services promotes academic excellence, health and wellness, and student engagement, by offering administrative support. Collectively, these services strive to  support all students in achieving success, both as students and in their professional careers through centralized student support programs for students from all academic units as well as through coordination of services offered by each program to meet needs specific to their students. We help students successfully navigate through training and into the workforce for the improvement of health through science, scholarship and innovation.

The programs, resources and services offered by the Office of Student Services and within each of our academic programs are designed to cultivate respect, integrity and a climate of inclusiveness. We work with faculty, staff and trainees throughout Baylor College of Medicine to promote leadership, teamwork and excellence within the student body through student organizations, career advising, academic advising and skill-building.

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