"I've been surprised by all the things Baylor College of Medicine offers that I didn't know about." - Carla Roberts, Student

"The vast amount of resources in the library have been very helpful to expand my research. The initiatives in wellness like intramural teams were also super helpful. They were a way for us to meet students from different programs at Baylor as well as different schools in the Medical Center." - Glen Thompson, Student

Legal Services: The WellConnect Student Assistance Program provides a 24/7/365 service for Baylor College of Medicine students and members of their households.  Legal consultation is available to Baylor students. WellConnect has a CU Thrive website that contains information about a variety of legal topics including immigration, debt and bankruptcy, wills and estates, power of attorney, personal injury, criminal law, landlords and tenants, taxes and audits. Visit the website or call (866) 640-4777.

Curriculum Catalogs

Baylor College of Medicine offers a wide variety of courses to provide the depth and breadth of learning our students need across all of our accredited, degree-granting programs.