Participation in campus committees builds leadership skills and proves students a voice shaping College policies and programs.

Many Baylor committees (Baylor login required) offer opportunities for students to help shape College policies, services and initiatives. These include the Institutional Policy Committee and the Inclusion and Excellence Council.

Members of the Student Services and Student Disability committees serve as liaisons between College leadership and their peers to help ensure that resources and initiatives are meeting the needs of the students they are designed to support.

Student members of the  Alumni Student Ambassador Board lead networking programs with alumni and act as liaisons to the Office of Alumni Relations in order to serve the student body.

If you are interested in participating in either College-wide or program-based committees, speak with the dean of your school or contact the Office of Student Services at for more information.

"I am the student services representative for our class and was on the health and wellness sub-committee. It helped me be more engaged in the institution." - Glen Thompson, Student

Be Informed

New services, policies and initiatives are regularly introduced to provide added support to students and create more opportunities for you to engage with College leadership, faculty and your peers. Read Student Commons (Baylor login required), the College's weekly e-newsletter for students, to stay informed of all developments at the College.

Email remains an important avenue for communication. All students are encouraged to check their Baylor email regularly for announcements from the President’s Office, the Office of the Provost, the dean of their school and program directors.

The College and many of its student organizations share updates and news via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other platforms. To connect with the College or a school-based organization, view Baylor’s social media directory.

Momentum, the College’s blog, covers education news and events throughout the year.

BCM Family is a monthly newsletter for trainees, faculty and staff of the College. The monthly Student Corner column spotlights students from across the College.

From the Labs spotlights the newest and most interesting research information from Baylor’s laboratories and programs.

Baylor’s YouTube channel has a wide array of videos of student events as well as educational resources.

The School of Medicine Office of Student Affairs organizes events for M.D. students as well as many events open to all Baylor students.

Academic calendars provide a quick glimpse of all programs available on the Office of the Registrar website.

"I'm involved in Baylor Pride, which crosses all the programs at BCM. Students from other programs are really great about accomadating our schedule so we can be as involved as we want to be." James Hunter, Student

Emergency Notification System

In the event of an emergency, the Baylor community is notified via our website, the employee information line at (713) 798-4444, and through social media and local news channels. Emergency information will also be shared through the Baylor Emergency Notification System (ENS) as needed. To keep your information updated, visit the ENS site (login required).

"As president of our class, I had many opportunities to interact with students from other BCM programs. I was fortunate to play a role in planning the donor honor ceremony with the presidents of the PA, MD, and DNP programs and enjoyed the many collaborative classes we took throughout the year." - Jennifer Penner, Student