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This Student Handbook web site is designed to acquaint medical students with information on services, programs, policies and guidelines.

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Student Responsibilities

This section contains information about and links to policies, procedures, rules, and regulations. Students are responsible for all the information presented.


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School of Medicine Principles

Baylor College of Medicine is committed to creating an environment for students that is conducive to academic success and academic freedom commensurate with all applicable laws and regulations. This section of the handbook contains information related to student rights; diversity, inclusion and equity; notice of nondiscrimination; Title IX and gender discrimination; and FERPA.

School of Medicine Organization and Governance

This section contains information about the College's and the School of Medicine's leadership; student participation in committees including those related to curriculum, admissions, student services, student promotion and academic achievement; and policy related to student progression and adverse action.

Medical Student Professionalism

A student pursuing the degree of Doctor of Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine assumes responsibility to develop in-depth knowledge, acquire and apply special skills, and demonstrate professionalism. The development of professional values, attitudes, skills, and behaviors that begin on the first day of medical school are governed by a number of BCM policies and guidelines.

Read more about medical student professionalism at Baylor College of Medicine.

Academic Program/Schedules and Calendars

View the Standards for information on Requirements for the Degree of Doctor of Medicine, attendance and absences guidelines and more. View the M.D. Curriculum page for information on the Foundational Sciences and Clinical Sciences curriculum, electives, pathways, dual degrees, grading, transcripts, and more.

Learning Communities

Learning Communities are networks of clinical faculty advisors for medical students. Advisors follow  assigned students longitudinally beginning in the  first-year through the final year, which culminates in the awarding of the Doctor of Medicine degree.

All students receive individual academic and professional guidance through one-on-one sessions with advisors twice a year throughout medical school. These meetings provide an opportunity to shape and review individualized education plans and discussion of personal and professional challenges and goals. As students progress in their education and identify their desired specialty, advisors help to identify other Baylor faculty members, who can provide focused mentorship, which helps students progress toward their career goals. 

Student Health and Wellness

This section contains information on services provided to support students physical and mental health, insurance, leave of absence, health requirements, reporting patient safety incidents at Baylor affiliated institutions, infection control, and blood borne pathogen guidelines. 

Student Life Services

This section contains information on services on campus such as food, mail, and parking and transportation as well as information on services for students with disabilities, campus security, tutoring and academic support, recreational facilities and programs, student lounge, Texas residency and tuition status, career development, and social media guidelines.

Social Media and Its Use

The following is important information regarding Baylor College of Medicine social media, including vlogs, blogs, podcasts, etc. While you are free to produce and share your thoughts with others, the Baylor College of Medicine Office of Communications and Community Outreach would like to be aware of your programs.

Read more about BCM Social Media and Its Use. 

Student Government, Student Societies, Organizations and Committees with Student Involvement

View the Student Organization Handbook. Visit the Student Senate website to view of list of Student Societies and Organizations. Read about Committees with Student Involvement.

In addition to the policies and procedures presented in this handbook, all students are expected to abide by all policies of Baylor College of Medicine as published in the College's Policy and Procedures Manual (Intranet Link). The Academic Policies website provides links to policies of particular relevance to students. 

Services for Baylor College of Medicine are offered both by individual programs and by the College. Students are encouraged to visit the Office of Student Services website for updated listings of services provided by the College.