Satisfactory Academic Progress

All medical students enrolled at the Baylor College of Medicine are considered to be making satisfactory academic progress unless otherwise determined by their respective Committee on Student Promotions and Academic Achievement. Satisfactory academic progress in the various health professions education programs is an eligibility criteria for all students who receive Title IV student financial assistance.

Students on At Risk Status, Academic Probation or on Suspension may not serve on official college committees. While on At Risk Status, Academic Probation or on Suspension it is highly recommended that a student closely evaluate their extra-curricular activities and their impact on academic performance.

Withdrawal from the College

A student who wishes to withdraw must personally meet with a dean in Student Affairs and submit a letter indicating his/her withdrawal.

The official academic record of a student, who does not officially withdraw from the College, will not be released until the student has obtained required departmental signatures on the clearance process (checkout) form and finalizes the procedure in the Office of the Registrar.


A student who wishes to be re-admitted to Baylor College of Medicine should apply to the Office of Admissions in the same way as any new applicant. The Office of Admissions shall have available to it the student's entire permanent record at Baylor College of Medicine. The committee may request any additional information which might help them in their decision. This might include documentation of additional academic and work experience, medical and psychiatric data, etc.

This procedure is applicable to the following: