Personal Guides

Baylor wants to do all it can to make sure you do well and make the most of your time in medical school. Playing a key role in this effort are the mentors at Baylor. Students meet regularly with their mentors in small groups and one-on-one to gain insights into a wide range of topics, including:

  • effectively mastering the science courses
  • taking advantage of special opportunities such as tracks and electives
  • getting involved at the school and in the community
  • studying for the national board exam
  • balancing work/life/family
  • and navigating the clinical rotations.

Peer Resource Network

My PRN group immediately made me feel at home at Baylor and helped me navigate the stressful yet exciting first year of medical school. The program had such a positive impact on me that I have dedicated much of my time as an upperclassman to acting as a mentor for subsequent classes. Georgene Hergenroeder

Even before you arrive on campus, you will feel welcome because you will receive letters from current students who form your Peer Resource Network.

The PRN is the student-led mentor program at Baylor College of Medicine for incoming first-year medical students to assist them in transitioning to medical school. Each first-year student is placed in a group with nine or ten other first years and two MS2, two MS3 and two MS4 medical student mentors. The PRN leaders guide the new students through orientation week and lead the Transitions to Medical School course during the first three weeks of school to promote not only academics but also physical, emotional and mental wellness.

After the first few weeks of school, the PRN leaders continue to support their PRN group by providing breakfast once a week for their first-year students and organizing social events (dinners, game nights, intramurals, etc.) throughout the year. Beyond scheduled events, the PRN leaders also make themselves available to meet with students one-on-one and give guidance if students find themselves having difficulty adjusting to medical school.

Learning Communities

I go to my mentor when I am struggling with time management or just missing having my dog around. She is there to guide me both professionally and personally. My relationship with her is one of the best I have had in medical school. Jenna Bates

The Learning Community is a network of clinical faculty advisors for medical students. Your advisor will follow you longitudinally as a first-year medical student through your final year and graduation. 

You will receive individual academic and professional guidance through one-on-one sessions with your advisor twice a year throughout medical school. These meetings will provide an opportunity to shape and review your individualized education plan and discuss personal and professional challenges and goals. As you progress in your education and identify your desired specialty, your advisor will help you identify other Baylor faculty members who can provide focused mentorship to help you progress toward your career goals.