"The curriculum is designed so that you build the efficiency you need to be ready when you get to more demanding parts of the program." - Mary Caroline Robichaux, M.D. Student

You bring the passion, effort and commitment. We'll provide the courses, structure, opportunities, and support. Read on to discover how our curriculum will help you realize your careers goals.

Integrated, 18-Month Foundational Sciences Curriculum

During your first 18 months at Baylor you will master basic science concepts while also learning how to research medical problems and function on a medical team. You likely can't wait to start seeing patients. Within the first few weeks you will start learning and putting into practice the skills you need to interact with patients.

Diverse Clinical Experience

Our location in the Texas Medical Center, the world's largest medical complex, provides exceptional diversity of clinical settings and patient populations.  You will have opportunities to care for patients with conditions rarely seen in other medical centers. Through interacting with patients from diverse cultural backgrounds, you will gain a deep understanding of how culture influences health practices and beliefs.  

Supporting You Every Step of the Way

There is no avoiding the fact that medical school is hard. Along the way you will encounter both professional and personal challenges. From the moment of your acceptance through graduation and beyond, our faculty and your fellow students will serve as mentors and guides to help you succeed.

credit: Scott Holmes

Our students benefit from the use of a variety of simulation approaches to learn and hone diagnostic and treatment skills.

Interprofessional Education

The Association of American Medical Colleges identifies “collaborate as a member of an interprofessional team,” as a Core Entrustable Professional Activity for Entering Residency. Interprofessional learning opportunities will prepare you to fictional effectively as part of the healthcare team.

Pursue Your Passions

Pathways and dual degree opportunities allow you to explore your interests and customize your education to match your career goals.

Graduation Requirements and Core Competency Graduation Goals

Learn from the Best

Baylor's 1,800 full-time faculty includes leaders in many fields, which means our students are exposed to cutting-edge clinical care in a variety of specialties. As one of the nation's leading research institutions, our faculty are pursuing tomorrow's medicine through a wide range of scientific endeavors—all of which represent exceptional learning opportunities.

Compact Between Teachers, Learners and Educational Staff

Learners pursuing a professional career at Baylor College of Medicine assume responsibility to develop in-depth knowledge, acquire and apply special skills, and demonstrate professionalism. Teachers guide and educate learners, and model appropriate attitudes, interpersonal skills and professional behaviors. Core educational staff support both learners and teachers.