Drs. Klotman and Monroe explain why the system was developed, how it addresses needs identified by the Baylor faculty, and how you can use this system to help you achieve your goals.

This process is designed to facilitate the delivery of constructive feedback to help you achieve your goals and develop the skills and competencies you need to succeed.

Through the performance assessment components, you and your evaluator will work together to ensure your performance goals -- both those set by your department chair and those you set for yourself -- are clear and achievable, and you have the guidance, resources and support to develop the skills and competencies you need to be successful at every stage of your career.

The faculty development and career planning components will help you plan for your career progression.

Access the Faculty Performance and Assessment Planning system (Baylor login required).

If after reviewing the relevant training materials, you have questions or need assistance, contact the Office of Faculty Affairs at performancemanagement@bcm.edu.

Prepare First

Your CV documents all your contributions. Accurate and complete reporting of contributions and achievements in the CV is essential. Your CV should include all of your professional accomplishments and training from college onward.

Before you begin your self-evaluation, make sure your CV is ready to advocate for you.

Be Your Own Best Advocate

The annual evaluation is your opportunity to advocate for yourself. The comments section after each goal and competency is provided so that you have the opportunity to demonstrate your contributions to the College and to your field. Comments sections throughout the form also give you the opportunity to identify areas for support or resources you need to reach your career goals.

Take a few minutes to review the training materials provided on this site to help you get the most from this experience.

Evaluator Preparation

As an evaluator, you have a unique opportunity to provide constructive feedback and support to the faculty you will be evaluating. Training materials are available to help you. Your department chair may elect to provide additional guidance related to specific expectations for evaluation of departmental faculty.