credit: Scott Holmes

Earning a Ph.D. in the biomedical sciences is first and foremost about exploring the processes that govern molecules, cells and organisms in health and disease. For over 100 years, the Baylor College of Medicine faculty has been successfully doing this through leveraging close collaborations between basic, translational and clinical researchers; building an extensive infrastructure of research resources; and training the next generation to follow in their footsteps.

Making the decision to earn your Ph.D. at BCM will grant you access to researchers who are leaders in existing and emerging fields.

With a research enterprise as vast as ours, there are many ways for you to explore your interests and find the potential mentors who will help you achieve your career goals.

Program-Based Research Interests

Program-Based Research Interests

The research section of each of the Ph.D. program website has robust content about the work being done in the program as well as profiles of program faculty. Many faculty members serve in more than one graduate program. So, as you explore seek out the combination of interests that best match your own rather than the individual. Once you begin your education in your chosen program, you will have the opportunity to rotate in several laboratories so that you can ultimately match with the mentor who is the best match for you.

Cancer & Cell Biology Research
Chemical, Physical & Structural Biology Research
Development, Disease Models & Therapeutics Research
Genetics & Genomics Research
Immunology & Microbiology Research
Neuroscience Research
Quantitative & Computational Biosciences Research

Research Resources

As you begin your career in research it is impossible to predict where your investigations will need. Therefore it is essential to have access to diverse resources, not only equipment but also experienced individuals available to help you identify the resources you need and master their use.

Faculty Research

The VIICTR Profiles website provides options to search our faculty by research interests and view faculty publications. Many faculty members also maintain laboratory and research program websites where you can learn more about their research. Already know of faculty members with whom you might like to work and want to learn more about them? Search for their profile by name using the “PEOPLE” tab on our search page.