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BCM - Baylor College of Medicine

Giving life to possible

Graduate Student Council


Executive Officers: Graduate Student Council

Cameron Taylor Landers

Vice President / TBMM Representative

Senior Officers: Graduate Student Council

Jordan Kho

DB Representative


  • 713-798-4523

GSC Committees: Admission, Career Development, and Digital Media

Shrenik Chetan Mehta

Pharmacology Representative


  • 713-798-5106

GSC Treasurer, TMC Student Affairs Committee

Chinh Nguyen

MVM Representative


  • 713-798-6429

GSC Committees: Special Needs, Career Development, BCM Student Affairs, Curriculum

Ninad Oak

MHG Representative

GSC Committees: TMC Student Affairs, Promotions (Alt. Rep.), Fundraising

Marissa Ann Scavuzzo, B.S.

Secretary/2nd Year Representative


  • 713-498-5511

Jessica Scott

IMBS Representative

Career Development, Social Activities, Orientation

Jenny Jia Sun

Neuroscience Representative

GSC Committees: Socials, Orientation, Academic Promotions

Junior Officers: Graduate Student Council

James M. Arnold

BMB Representative

GSC Committees: Fundraising, Student Affairs

Cameron August Brown

PG Representative

GSC Committees: TMC Student Affairs, Safety and Security

James Christopher Campbell

SCBMB Representative

GSC Committees: TMC Student Affairs Committee, BCM Student Affairs Committee

Sungwoo Choi

DB Representative

GSC Committees: BCM Student Affairs, Fundraising

Asante Hatcher

Neuroscience Representative

GSC Committees: Orientation, Social Activities, Recycling and Lounge Care

Anisha Misra, M.V.Sc.

Valencia Potter

MD/PhD Representative

GSC Committees: Financial Aid, Fundraising, and Student Affairs

Ann P. Quick

MPB Representative

GSC Committees: Student Affairs, Career Development, Social

Amanda Rodriguez

MCB Representative

GSC Committees: Orientation

Michelle Jenny Rubin

IMBS Representative

GSC Committees: Admission, Career Development/PDA representative, Social

Katharina Victoria Schulze

1st Year Representative

GSC Committees: Career Development, Curriculum, and Digital Media

Papiya Sinha

Immunology Representative


  • 508-250-7362

GSC Committees: Curriculum, Social, and Special Needs

Amanda Nicole Webb

MHG Representative

GSC Committees: BCM Student Affairs Committee, Fundraising, Special Needs, and Orientation