Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

Current Students

If you do not know how to address a specific problem you encounter as a student, consult the list of topics below or contact:

Graduate School Administrative Office
Melissa Houghton
(713) 798-4031

Academic Difficulties Related to Courses

  • Course lecturers
  • Course directors
  • Your graduate program director
  • Student tutors (seek advice from program director or program administrator to identify tutor)
  • Student study groups
  • Graduate School – Carolyn Smith,

Adjusting to Graduate School

  • Your graduate program administrator
  • Other students in your program or lab
  • Graduate Student Council First Year Initiative
  • Your departmental representative on Graduate Student Council
  • International Services
  • Student Organizations, including ISSA Indian Students and Scholars Association or CSSA - Chinese Students & Scholars Association
  • Your graduate program director

Authorship Disputes

  • Your mentor
  • Your graduate program director
  • Chairman of your mentor's department

Career Advice

Course Schedules or Requirements

  • Your graduate program director or program administrator
  • Graduate School – Carolyn Smith,

Experiments that Don't Work

  • Your mentor
  • People in your lab or other labs doing similar experiments
  • Graduate student listserv
  • Thesis committee members

Fees or Student Accounts

  • Your graduate program administrator
  • Office of Financial Services - (713) 798-4322
  • Graduate School - (713) 798-4029

Financial Aid

  • Office of Student Financial Aid - (713) 798-4603
  • Graduate School - (713) 798-4029

Health Insurance

  • Baylor Human Resources Benefits Office - (713) 798-1500
  • Your graduate program administrator
  • Graduate School - (713) 798-4029

Individual Development Plan

The BCM Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences has developed a process to implement Individual Development Plans (IDPs) for all of our trainees (IDP Instructions).  Its utilization begins July 1, 2014.  Importantly, at the first Thesis Advisory Committee meeting, the student and mentors should indicate on the student's Status Report that they have begun the process and discussed the results of the self-assessment (step 1).  

International Students

  • International Office - (713) 798-4604
  • Your graduate program administrator
  • ISSA - Indian Students and Scholars Association
  • CSSA - Chinese Students & Scholars Association
  • Graduate School - Melissa Houghton, (713) 798-4031,


  • Other members of your laboratory
  • Your thesis committee members
  • Your graduate program director



  • Your graduate program administrator
  • Your department payroll staff



  • Your graduate Program Administrator
  • Graduate School Office - Melissa Houghton, (713) 798-4031,

Resolution of Conflicts or Concerns

The first resources for a student that has concerns are the thesis advisor, the program administrator, and the program director. Other resources include members of the program Graduate Education Committee, course lecturers and course directors.

If these individuals cannot resolve the problem, or if the student cannot discuss the problem with them, the student should ask to meet with one of the Assistant or Associate Deans of the Graduate School.  Alternatively, the student is welcome to contact the Dean of the Graduate School.

Counseling services are available to all students. The service is independent of the Graduate School, it is confidential and free of charge.  For more information, please visit the Student Health Services page.

Thesis Committee

  • Your mentor
  • Other thesis committee members
  • Your graduate program director