Academic Year 2019-2020

The schedule below lists the core curriculum courses offered in each semester in the 2019-20 academic year.

Term 1 (August-September)

Responsible Conduct of Research - Year 1  - Responsible conduct of research for first-year students (1 term hr P/F)
Foundations A: Molecules to Systems  – Foundational and comprehensive knowledge in several critical areas of biology (6 term hrs; spans terms 1 & 2)
Foundations B: Biostatistics  – Introduction to biostatistical principles and technologies useful to laboratory scientists interested in basic and translational research (4 term hrs; spans terms 1 & 2)
Data Mining  - Practical approaches and tools to analyze and understand data and to craft new hypotheses (2 term hr)
Strategies for Success in Graduate School  - Preparation to become scientific and professional leaders by developing skills for a successful gradate career (1 term hr P/F)

Term 2 (October-December)

Responsible Conduct of Research - Year 2  - Responsible conduct of research for second-year students (1 term hr P/F)
Powerful Presentations – Development of scientific communication skills to effectively convey ideas to experts and nonexperts (1 term hr P/F)

Term 3 (January - February)

Responsible Conduct of Research - Year 3 - Responsible conduct of research for third-year students (1 term hr P/F)
Responsible Conduct of Research - Year 4 - Responsible conduct of research for fourth-year students (1 term hr P/F)
Scientific Writing - Principles of effective scientific writing (1 term hr P/F)
Leadership Skills – Training in the importance of leadership skills for training and future career development (1 term hr P/F)
Neuroscience - General principles of nerve transmission and learning and memory (1 term hr)
Cell Division and Cancer - The cell cycle and its control (2 term hr)
Gene Regulation - Mechanisms for regulating gene expression (2 term hr)
Fundamentals of Epidemiology - basic principles and methods of epidemiology (2 term hr)

Term 4 (March-April)

Principles of Immunology - Cellular and molecular principles in the immune system (1 term hr)
Intellectual Property - Intellectual Property in the academic environment (1 term hr P/F)
Effective Project Design & Management - Developing skills in designing and executing thesis research (1 term hr P/F)

Term 5 (May-July)

Ethics, Conduct, & Practical Aspects of Clinical Research - Bioethical conduct, practical aspects, and regulatory considerations of clinical and translational research (2 term hr)