Job Placement/Advanced Training for 2018 Graduates

From the beginning, we encourage students to think deeply about their career choices. Wherever your ambition leads, you will receive the support you need to follow a path well worn by Baylor alumni who have built successful careers across diverse endeavors.

"TMCx has opened my eyes to what one can do with an M.D./Ph.D. degree. Biotechnology companies need people who can cross from research to clinical and also understand business. The Career Development Center has helped me to see where I can fit in this space. They have also helped me understand the big differences between what medical residencies want, what postdoctoral researcher positions require and what biotechnology companies seek." - Julia Wang, M.D./Ph.D. Student


Wherever your ambitions lie, you will receive the support you need to follow a path well worn by BCM alumni who have built successful careers across diverse endeavors.  A few of our alumni from each of our seven graduate programs who have gone on to successful careers are featured below.

Cancer & Cell Biology

Chemical, Physical, & Structural Biology

Development, Disease Models, & Therapeutics

Genetics & Genomics

Immunology & Microbiology


Quantitative & Computational Biosciences

Career Development Center

Baylor College of Medicine held its first Three Minute Thesis in February 2019. Ph.D. students Diana Cox and Ben Hall tied for first place, while Lauren Miterko won runner up.

Earning a Ph.D. in biomedical sciences opens up numerous career paths. The Career Development Center runs seminars, workshops and another event to help students explore your options. The Center also provides one-on-one counseling, networking opportunities, and more. Students are encouraged to start learning about career options early in their training and to continue to work with the Center to plan for and transition to the career of their choice. 

“The center is for everyone who wants to use their training to achieve their career goals and needs to develop the skills to do that.” – Sarah Kurley, Ph.D. (Alumna)

"Before I came to BCM, I  graduated from veterinary school. I’m currently training to be a veterinarian for the Johnson Space Center animal facility to not only provide animal care, but also provide input on the best ways to use animals in research. Crew training on caring for and using research animals is part of the job, and the teaching opportunities I've had at BCM through the ACTOR program and BRASS outreach programs will certainly serve me well in being successful at this task." - Kristyn Hoffman, Ph.D. Student