What makes Houston such a great place to live, get an education, and work?

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The Diverse People

Houston is the fourth largest U.S. city. Thirty-seven percent are 24 or younger, and 32 percent are between ages 25-44. Houston has a multicultural population of more than 5.5 million in the metropolitan area. It is the most diverse large metropolitan area in the nation. Nearly one in four Houstonians are foreign-born. According to the 2018 census is 36.8 percent of Houstonians identify as Hispanic, 36.9 percent as white, 16.9 percent as Black, 7.6 percent as Asian and 1.8 percent as other. Houston today mirrors the U.S. in five decades.

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The Cost of Living

Houston's cost of living is 23 percent below the average cost of living in the 20 most populous U.S. cities. This means affordable housing. Plus, there are no state or local income taxes. 

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The Job Market

Houston has the 6thlargest U.S. economy and the 24th largest in the world.  has an expanding economy in diverse industries. The city has the third largest concentration of Fortune 1000 companies in the U.S. Have you checked out careers at BCM?

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The Weather

In the winter, you may need a light jacket but ice or snow won’t keep you from enjoying the outdoors. With an average temperature year-round of 68 degrees and average rainfall of 46 inches, you can enjoy the outdoors as much as you’d like to.

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The Entertainment Options

More than 500 institutions are devoted to the performing and visual arts, science and history in Houston. Houston’s Theater District features seven renowned performing arts organizations and many smaller ones.  The Houston Museum District is one of the country’s most visited and diverse cultural centers with 19 museums within close proximity.  The Houston Zoo receives 2.55 million visitors per years and is among the most-visited zoos in the U.S. The city is also home to many professional and college sports teams. There are also festivals and special events throughout the year.

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The Food

Houston has 11,000 restaurants (and counting!), which serve every type of cuisine you could think of, including brick-and-mortar establishments and food trucks. In 2018, Yelp.com listed over 80 categories of cuisine, more than 90 farm-to-table restaurants and 950 food trucks in Houston. In March of 2018, Houston was ranked sixth among top food truck cities and in December of 2017, Houston was named among the country’s most exciting food cities by Zagat.

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The Great Outdoors

Houston ranks first in total park acreage among U.S. cities with more than one million residents. The city has more than 350 parks and more than 20 green spaces. The Houston Parks and Recreation Department maintains nearly 165 miles of biking and hiking trails that loop within parks or run along streets and bayous.

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