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Week 206 - March 1, 2024
Dr. Paul Klotman In this week’s video, we take a look at Florida, which is experiencing a measles outbreak in Fort Lauderdale-area schools with six confirmed cases. 

Week 205 - Fed. 23, 2024
Dr. Paul Klotman answers several questions, including, “What is Alaskapox?”

Week 204 - Fed. 16, 2024
Dr. Paul Klotman visits with Dr. Kendal Hirschi, professor of pediatrics-nutrition at Baylor, and gets a tour of his research greenhouse at the Children’s Nutrition Research Center. 

Week 203 - Fed. 9, 2024
Dr. Paul Klotman looks at the prevalence of anxiety symptoms that were largely blamed on loneliness from COVID isolation. 

Week 202 - Fed. 2, 2024
Dr. Paul Klotman introduces Drs. Maresso and Dr. Mike Tisza to talk about the next big step in wastewater surveillance – to detect all known human viruses – flu, RSV, mpox, rotavirus and thousands more, in addition to COVID, to anticipate outbreaks.

Week 201 - Jan. 26, 2024
Dr. Paul Klotman discusses the decline in Covid, flu, and RSV numbers as well as the increase in measles cases in Europe.

Week 200 - Jan. 19, 2024
Dr. Paul Klotman takes us to Dr. Livia Eberlin's lab for a look at one of her most exciting inventions, the MasSpec Pen. 

Week 199 - Jan. 12, 2024
Dr. Paul Klotman answers some of the questions he received over the holidays. 

Week 198 - Jan. 5, 2024
Dr. Paul Klotman reports on a lead change among the variants reported, with the JN.1 Omicron variant taking the lead over HV.1.