About Us

The Office of Strategic and Institutional Planning focuses on the coordination and preparation of the institutional strategic plan, planning processes, organizational performance improvement, integration across the College, and alignment of planning functions throughout the College. OSIP supports an environment that fosters collaboration among key offices and college functions to accomplish its mission. OSIP operates in accordance with the SACSCOC standard on institutional effectiveness.

The Office of Strategic and Institutional Planning provides the following services and functions:

  • Develop the strategic direction for the College.
  • Communicate and align strategy across the College.
  • Evaluate performance.
  • Manage strategic initiatives.
  • Integrate strategic priorities with other support functions.


Dear friends and colleagues of Baylor College of Medicine,

When I joined Baylor in 2010, it became apparent that the College’s natural pathway to leadership lies in seeking new approaches to applying the knowledge we create to our patients’ bedsides, our trainees’ learning experience and our global community. This led to development of a seven year Strategic Roadmap in 2014 that provides the blueprint for leveraging Baylor’s collaborative environments and historic leadership in research to form a new paradigm for integrated health sciences universities. As the achievements highlighted in these reports demonstrate, we are already well on our way.


Paul Klotman, M.D.
President and CEO
Executive Dean