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Campus Emergency Contacts


For Life Threatening Situations


Call the Baylor Emergency Hotline, 8-811 (from a campus phone) or 911. If you work outside the main building, follow procedure for that building.


Reporting Crime

In an emergency: 8-811 (from main Baylor campus only) or 911.
If you fear immediate or present danger: 911
To report any incidents or suspicious persons to Security: (713) 798-3000

Non-emergency situations:
Phone: (713) 798-3000
Fax: (713) 798-6488o 
Email: dl-security@bcm.edu

Reports of hate crimes will remain anonymous & Baylor ensures protection against any retaliation

Emergency Phone Numbers

Baylor Security (713) 798-3000
Building Utilities (713) 798-4826 
Environmental Safety (713) 798-4799 
Equipment Repair (713) 798-4826 
Fire 8-811
Hazardous Materials Spill (713) 798-4799 
Infectious Waste Disposal (713) 798-4826 
Medical Emergency 8-811
Odors/Leaks (713) 798-4826
Repair and Maintenance (713) 798-4826 
Structural Failure (713) 798-4826

To Report Safety Problems After Hours, Weekends or Holidays:

While not all offices are open outside of normal working hours, the Baylor Security Department is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you need to reach someone about any safety or security concern outside of normal business hours, call Baylor Security at (713) 798-3000 and inform the Security Dispatch Operator that your call involves a safety issue/concern.

Anonymous Reporting

Baylor respects the rights of individuals who wish to report crimes or safety issues anonymously. While anonymous reporting may affect the College’s ability to investigate and address the crime, it still allows Baylor to include the crime for statistical purposes. Individuals may report anonymously to the Integrity Hotline by calling 855-764-7292 or at the following link: Ethics Point (enter organization name as Baylor College of Medicine).


Texas Medical Center Emergency Numbers


Texas Medical Center Police: (713) 795-0000

Blue light telephones are located around the Texas Medical Center to contact help during an emergency.



Other TMC Locations



Baylor Clinic

(832) 355-7257

Baylor College of Medicine Security

(713) 798-3000

Baylor St. Luke's Medical Center, TMC

(832) 355-4243

Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center, McNair

(713) 798-7654

Ben Taub Hospital

(713) 873-2502

Children's Nutrition Research Center

(713) 798-6767

Greenway Plaza

(713) 965-2931

Houston Methodist

(713) 441-9511

Jamail Specialty Care Center

(713) 798-9900

McGovern Campus

(713) 749-0808

MD Anderson Hospital

(713) 792-2890

Memorial Hermann Hospital

(713) 704-0000

Neurosensory Center

(713) 441-9501

Fannin Tower

(832) 355-4243

Rice University

(713) 348-6000

Texas Children’s Hospital

(832) 824-5400


(713) 799-6999

University of Texas

(713) 792-2890

VA Hospital

(713) 794-7106