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BIG’s Purpose at BCM


Baylor Improvement Group (BIG) establishes a Model to Drive Change that helps Missions/CSGs improve both their Return on Investment and Sustainability of Organizational Change.  BIG facilitates effective project execution that helps the College operationalize its Strategy and cultivates a continuous improvement environment that has a positive impact on the BCM Community. 

Three Major Areas for BCM’s Model to Drive Change: 

1. BCM Change Components

  • Portfolio Management - Making Sure It’s the RIGHT THING
    • BIG facilitates the College’s Portfolio Management Function that improves Return on Investments (ROI) on projects through prioritization, management, and measurement of projects that help the College operationalize their strategy.  
  • Project Management – Making Sure Its DONE
    • BIG provides Project Management Standards/Resources and a Project Management Office that Missions, CSGs, and Departments can use to help them accomplish their project objectives.
  • Performance Improvement – Making it BETTER
    • BIG provides expertise and tools to identify opportunities, enhance processes, and implement measurable operational improvements, helping BCM achieve standards and goals.
  • Change Management – Making it STICK
    • BIG will provide Change Management Standards/Resources and a Change Management Group that Missions and CSGs can use to help them improve adoption of their changes across BCM.  

2. Embed Change Skillsets

  • BIG provides standards/ resources such as Methodologies/Toolkits, Training, and Communities of Practice to help embed these skillsets at BCM.

3. Supporting Change Infrastructure

  • BIG works with other groups around the College to create infrastructure that supports the Change Model.

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