Fellowships Offered

The American Board of Medical Genetics and Genomics requires 24 months of training in an ABMGG-accredited program to be eligible for board certification. We are accredited by the ABMGG for clinical laboratory fellowship training in the following areas:

Diagnostic Laboratory

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Baylor Genetics

Baylor Genetics is a joint venture between Baylor College of Medicine and Miraca Holdings, Inc. We are the largest laboratory in the United States that focuses on genetic diagnostic testing. Laboratory directors and fellows are employees of Baylor College of Medicine.

Baylor Genetics provides state-of-the-art diagnostic testing to hospitals and referring physicians locally, nationally, and globally. In addition to offering comprehensive standard diagnostic testing methods for constitutional and somatic (tumor) testing, the laboratory offers cutting edge testing including whole exome sequencing, advanced oligonucleotide/SNP array comparative genomic hybridization, expanded carrier screening, and large scale metabolomics. Baylor Genetics endeavors to lead the diagnostic community in new tests and technologies. The laboratory is housed in a modern facility in the Texas Medical Center and is among the largest academic genetics laboratories in the United States.

Baylor Genetics Laboratories offers over 3000 different tests and performs over 100,000 tests per year. There are over two dozen laboratory directors as well as 30+ physicians and genetic counselors who support the fellowship training program through direct supervision of fellows as well as through the didactic curriculum.