Article 2: Academic Governance Table of Contents

Article 2.1 Health Professions Education Executive Committee

Article 2.2 Health Professions Curriculum Committee

Article 2.3 Health Professions Student Promotions Committee

Article 2.4 Health Professions Faculty Appointments and Promotions Committee

Article 2.5 Health Professions Awards Committee

Article 2.6 Program Executive Committees

Article 2.7 Program Admissions Committees

The SHP's academic governance is based on College policies and procedures and administered through the Health Professions Education Executive Committee, an institutional committee of the College, and through its four school committees that are appointed by the Dean, and the program executive and admissions committees appointed and chaired by each Program Director. (See Illustration 1).

Article 2.1  Health Professions Education Executive Committee – The Health Professions Education Executive Committee is a Standing Committee of the College. The Executive Committee sets policies regarding the governance of Health Professions programs that are consistent with Baylor’s Policies and Procedures and Faculty Bylaws. The Executive Committee: (1) reviews existing Health Professions programs for quality, needed improvements, and future growth; (2) develops strategies for promoting Health Professions programs, internally and externally; and (3) recommends new Health Professions programs to the Academic Council. The Executive Committee is chaired by the Dean, and includes Health Professions Program Directors, chairs of the Health Professions Admissions, Curriculum, Student Promotions, and Faculty Appointments and Promotions Committees, 3-4 College faculty members, at-large, with interest in Health Professions programs, and 1-2 public members (as required by accrediting agencies). The Executive Committee’s membership is approved annually by the Academic Council.

Article 2.2  Health Professions Curriculum Committee – The Health Professions Curriculum Committee provides oversight, guidance, and evaluation of the curricula for Health Professions programs. The Committee oversees curriculum planning, scheduling, development, and assessment. The Health Professions Curriculum Committee Chair reports to the Health Professions Education Executive Committee regarding major curricular revisions, and results of course assessments. The Committee’s membership is composed of Health Professions faculty and students, an interdisciplinary cross section of Baylor faculty members with teaching responsibilities in Health Professions programs, and non-voting ex officio members representing other School of the College and additional bodies, as approved by the Dean. Committee members are appointed by the Dean, School of Health Professions, with input from the Health Professions program directors.

Article 2.3  Health Professions Student Promotions Committee – The Health Professions Student Promotions Committee is charged with monitoring student academic performance. The Committee ensures that each student satisfactorily completes each required course in the curriculum, meets all criteria for promotion from year to year, and ultimately satisfies all the requirements for graduation. The Health Professions Student Promotions Committee Chair reports to the Health Professions Education Executive Committee regarding grading policies, assessment of academic achievement, and other topics related to students’ academic progress. The Committee is composed of Health Professions faculty and faculty, at large, who participate in activities of each Health Professions program.

Article 2.4  Health Professions Faculty Appointments and Promotions Committee – The Health Professions Faculty Appointments and Promotions Committee advises the Dean regarding faculty appointment and promotions policies and specific promotion decisions, including periodically reviewing appointment and promotions criteria and recommending revisions, as needed. The Committee reviews qualifications of individuals to be recommended for appointments and/or promotions in the SHP. The Committee assists the Dean in planning and implementing faculty development initiatives.

Article 2.5  Health Professions Awards Committee -  The purpose of the Awards Committee is to recognize excellence in education for the School of Health Professions by developing and monitoring processes for award dissemination across the School and its programs. Nominees for membership will be solicited from the Committee Chair and appointed by the Dean.

Article 2.6  Program Executive Committees – Each Health Professions program has a Program Executive Committee responsible for developing program policies/procedures and curriculum, and for evaluating all aspects of the program including its outcomes. The membership of each Program Executive Committee is composed of program faculty and leadership, as well as other key stakeholders for the program. The Program Director appoints and chairs the Program Executive Committee and reports to the SHP Dean and other SHP committees, seeking policy approvals when necessary.

Article 2.7  Program Admissions Committees – The Health Professions Admissions Committee for each academic program reviews and ranks each applicant who meets or exceeds the minimum requirements for admission and who complete the admission interview process. The Committee submits its rankings and recommendations for acceptance to the Dean. The Admissions Committees also make recommendations to the Health Professions Education Executive Committee on policies concerning applicants to the SHP. The Admissions Committees review admissions requirements as outlined in application materials for accuracy and consistency. Each Admissions Committee is chaired by the Program Director, who appoints its members from Health Professions faculty and students and other Baylor faculty members.