The Elkins Pancreas Center has assembled an extraordinary multidisciplinary team to give patients the best care possible. After an initial consultation, details of your case are presented before a Multidisciplinary Pancreas Tumor Board, consisting of medical and surgical oncologists, radiologists, and pathologists and gastroenterologists.

Following a thorough review of your history, physical exam, laboratory, imaging, and pathologic findings, a personalized treatment plan will be developed for you with input from the entire team.

Many of our patients travel a considerable distance to be seen in The Elkins Pancreas Center. We make every effort to plan an efficient multidisciplinary visit and avoid unnecessary repeated trips back to the center.

As part of this multidisciplinary approach, if you meet the criteria for one of the clinical trials offered at the center, Dr. William Fisher, director of the Elkins Center, will also provide you with written material to review.