Department of Surgery

Office of Surgical Research


To enable scientists and clinicians to remain focused at the bench and bedside, the department has brought together a highly skilled team of 70 professionals who provide the following support for department faculty and their trainees: 

  • Research planning and study development
  • Technical laboratory support
  • Grant proposal development
  • Clinical trial support
  • IRB templates and examples
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Statistical support
  • Budget support
  • Document/manuscript editing
  • Preparation of figures, tables, and medical illustrations
  • Proposal routing
  • Report submission

Planning to Submit a Grant?


Simply fill out the short, online Intent to Submit (ITS) form, which efficiently communicates your grant support needs to members of the Office of Surgical Research team. For best support, make requests at least one month ahead of deadlines. 

Submit Your Intent to Submit Funding Proposal