Department of Surgery

Pediatric Surgical Oncology Laboratory Funded Projects


RP-180674 (Vasudevan, Co-P.I.)


Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas
Predictive biomarkers and novel therapies for high-risk pediatric liver cancers.
Elucidate the mechanisms behind chemoresistance and vascular invasion in high-risk pediatric liver cancer.

  • Determine the major regulators of p53 tumor suppressor silencing and methods of reactivating tumor suppressor signaling in high-risk pediatric liver cancer.
  • Determine the differential gene expression and pathway regulation within areas of vascular invasion in high-risk HB in order to target susceptible pathways.
  • Test the susceptibility and response of patient-dervied xenografts from high-risk and relapse/refractory pediatric liver cancer patients to targeted MDM4/p53, JAK/STAT3 agents and GPC3 CAR T-cell immunotherapy.

RP-170691 (Vasudevan, Subaward; Lewis, P.I.)


Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas
Patient-Derived Xenografts and Advanced In Vivo Models (PDX-AIM) Core Facility.
Develop patient-derived xenografts for pediatric and adult liver cancer using novel engrafting methods.

  • Improve tumor implantation rate for liver cancer PDX’s.
  • Develop tumor spheroid and matrigel-coated plasticware techniques as intermediaries for biopsy samples.
  • Use circulating tumor cells to generate PDX models when primary tissue samples are not available.

(Vasudevan, P.I.)


Macy Easom Cancer Research Foundation Grant
Development of novel targeted therapies for hepatoblastoma using patient-derived xenografts.

  • Establish a core panel of patient-derived xenografts and cell lines for high risk and relapsed hepatoblastoma patients.
  • Test effects of MDM4 and DUSP9 inhibition on tumorigenesis of heptoblastoma.