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Department of Medicine

Section Chiefs: Department of Medicine


Chief, Cardiology and Cardiovascular Research

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Christie Ballantyne, M.D.
Vice Chair for Research
Email: cmb@bcm.edu
Phone: (713) 798-5034

Dr. Ballantyne's clinical research is the prevention of atherosclerotic vascular disease, including pharmacological studies to assess the efficacy and benefits of lipid-lowering drug therapy. As the director of The Maria and Alando J. Ballantyne, M.D., Atherosclerosis Clinical Research Laboratory, which serves as the core laboratory for the Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities study, Dr. Ballantyne is studying whether genetic variation in combination with novel biomarkers might be useful in identifying individuals at high risk for cardiovascular disease, the metabolic syndrome, and diabetes. In addition, his group is studying how genetic variation modifies the response to lipid therapy with the goal of developing personalized diet, lifestyle, and pharmacotherapy based upon the genetic profile and clinical phenotype.

Interim Chief, Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism

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Marco Marcelli, M.D.
Email: marcelli@bcm.edu
Phone: (713) 798-1707

Dr. Marcelli's professional interests include endocrinology of prostate cancer, transition of prostate cancer to castration resistance, under basic research; male hypogonadism under clinical research; and endocrine and metabolic disorders of the aging male under patient care.

Interim Chief, Epidemiology and Population Sciences

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Christopher Amos, Ph.D.
Professor Selzman Chair
Email: Chris.Amos@bcm.edu
Phone: (713) 798-2102

Dr. Amos joined Baylor in 2017 as the director of the Institute of Clinical and Translational Medicine, the interim Chief for Epidemiology and Population Sciences Section, and the Associate Cancer Center Director for Population and Quantitative Science. For many years he has been involved in studies to identify causes for complex diseases, focusing on cancer etiology. Dr. Amos was the U.S. leader of the Oncoarray Consortium, whose goals have been to identify genetic factors for cancer susceptibility and studying genetics of common cancers. He leads a large U19 grant for lung cancer research that studies gene-environment interactions and rare variants and identifies biomarkers that can be used for detecting preclinical lung cancer, and is co-PI of a grant that is investigating risk factors for hepatocellular liver cancer using Genome-Wide Association Study design and Mendelian Randomization with the genetic data. These data will allow us to investigate potential biomarkers of risk for hepatocellular liver cancer development. Dr. Amos is PI of the Coordinating and Data Management Group Center for the Molecular Characterization of Screen Detected Lesions Consortium, an NCI-funded consortium that develops database and biostatistical solutions integrating work at academic sites, the NCI, and the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. He also is co-PI on a grant to study the penetrance of p53 mutations.

Dr. Amos’s research has focused on early phases of translational research. As a graduate student, he worked on the Bogalusa Heart Study, a long-term cardiovascular disease longitudinal study starting at birth in Bogalusa. He received additional training in epidemiology and medical genetics while a post-doctoral fellow at National Cancer Institute and the National Institute for Arthritis Musculoskeletal and Skin Disorders. Dr. Amos has mentored about 20 junior faculty who hold positions in academia and industry, 17 post-doctoral fellows and 16 predoctoral students, including nine K-level trainees who became independent researchers.  

Chief, Gastroenterology and Hepatology

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Fasiha Kanwal, M.D. M.S.H.S.
Email: kanwal@bcm.edu
Phone: (713) 798-8614

In addition to gastroenterology and hepatology training, Dr. Kanwal has received formal research training with a Masters in Science, Health Services. Her research focuses on assessing and improving quality and outcomes of care in individuals with chronic liver diseases, including those with chronic hepatitis C, hepatitis B virus, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, cirrhosis, and hepatocellular cancer.

She has had continuous research funding since her fellowship, including three VA Merit Review Awards, a VA Service-Directed Project, a Cancer Prevention Research in Texas grant, VA Quality Improvement and Research Initiative grants, and VA Pilot grants. These projects have used health services research methods to study the clinical course and outcomes of patients with liver diseases. Dr. Kanwal has served as the chair of several committees and workgroups for the American Association for the Study of Liver Disease and the American Gastroenterological Association. She is also the editor-in-chief of one of the leading clinical journals in digestive disease, Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Chief, General Internal Medicine

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David Hyman, M.D.
Email: dhyman@bcm.edu
Phone: (713) 873-3560

Dr. Hyman’s research work includes the study of patient, physician and health system issues related to the control of blood pressure. Current projects include the study of resistant hypertension and factors related to blood sugar and blood pressure control in primary care.

Chief, Geriatrics and Palliative Medicine

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Aanand Naik, M.D.
Associate Professor
Vice Chair for Quality Improvement and Innovations
Email: anaik@bcm.edu
Phone: (713) 794-8601

Dr. Naik's expertise is in geriatric medicine and healthcare quality research. He directs a postdoctoral, quality scholars fellowship program with 10 sites across North America, training physicians and doctoral-prepared health professionals in healthcare improvement and innovation. His federally funded research program develops and tests decision-making interventions to improve the outcomes of older adults with multiple morbid conditions. His academic responsibilities also include supervision of education and training programs in quality improvement, healthcare delivery and services research. He provides medical care for older Veterans at the Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center

Chief, Health Services Research

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Laura Petersen, M.D., MPH, FACP
Associate Chief of Staff for Research, Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center
Director, Center for Innovations in Quality, Effectiveness, and Safety (IQuESt)
Email: laurap@bcm.edu
Phone: (713) 791-1414

Dr. Petersen's professional interests include the assessment of the influence that financing and organization of health care services (structure) have upon the quality (process and outcome) of health care to enhance the value of health care, implementing best evidence into best clinical practice, emphasizing the results of comparative effectiveness research; developing state-of-the-art methods for assessing the quality of health care for cardiovascular disease, and performing rigorous studies of health policy intervention.

Chief, Hematology and Oncology

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Martha Mims, M.D.
Dan L Duncan Professorship, Dan L Duncan Comprehensive Cancer Center
Email: mmims@bcm.edu
Phone: (713) 798-3750 

Dr. Mims treats patients with hematologic malignancies and solid tumors.

Chief, Immunology, Allergy and Rheumatology

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Sandeep Agarwal, M.D., Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Faculty Senator
Email: skagarwa@bcm.edu
Phone: (713) 798-3390

Dr. Agarwal's Interests include autoimmune diseases, systemic sclerosis and autoimmune-mediated lung fibrosis.


Chief, Infectious Diseases

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Thomas Giordano, M.D., M.P.H.
Associate Professor
Email: tpg@bcm.edu
Phone: (713) 794-8601

Dr. Giordano's research has focused on improving care delivery and adherence to care for people with HIV infection in the U.S., as well as antiretroviral therapy. His work has been recognized nationally and he is regarded as an authority in adherence and retention in HIV care research. He has been the recipient of highly competitive research grants and contracts, and has published more than 130 peer-review manuscripts.

Locally, he has served as medical director of HIV Services for Harris Health since 2004, and has helped raise the national reputation of Harris Health’s flagship HIV clinic, Thomas Street Health Center. He leads the Clinical Epidemiology and Comparative Effectiveness Program at IQuESt. He was named vice chair of medicine for faculty and staff development in May 2017. Nationally, Dr. Giordano is a standing member of an NIH Study Section and has served as grant reviewer for VA and other entities. He is a member of the Department of Health and Human Services Panel on Antiretroviral Guidelines for Adults and Adolescents, which authors HIV treatment guidelines used nationally and internationally. He is track chair for the Continuum of Care Track at the International Conference on HIV Treatment and Prevention Adherence, and completed a term on the FDA Scientific Advisory Panel that reviewed antiviral drugs.

Chief, Nephrology

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Wolfgang Winkelmayer, M.D., Sc.D.
Gordon A. Cain Chair of Nephrology
Email: wolfgang.winkelmayer@bcm.edu
Phone: (713) 798-2625

Originally from Vienna, Austria, Dr. Winkelmayer earned a Master of Public Health degree in Health Care Management (1999) and a Doctor of Science degree in Health Policy (2001) from Harvard University. He then spent eight years on the faculty of Brigham and Women¹s Hospital and Harvard Medical School, where he established himself as a prolific investigator and leader in the discipline of comparative-effectiveness research as it pertains to kidney disease. Before joining Baylor in 2014, he spent five years at Stanford University, where he was the director of clinical research in the Division of Nephrology.

Dr. Winkelmayer's main areas of research interest include the treatment of anemia as well as the effectiveness and safety of interventions for cardiovascular disease in patients with kidney disease. In addition, he has particular interest in medical publishing. He serves as the Associate Editor for Nephrology of the Journal of the American Medical Association, is a Co-Editor of the American Journal of Kidney Disease, and has been appointed to several other editorial boards of leading nephrology and epidemiology journals. Since 2010, he has served on the Public Policy Board of the American Society of Nephrology.

Chief, Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine

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Ivan Rosas, M.D.
Professor and Section Chief
Email: ivan.rosas@bcm.edu

Dr. Rosas’ main area of research interest are the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of pulmonary fibrosis, a condition that affects genetically susceptible individuals and the elderly. Clinically his program has focused on defining populations at risk of developing pulmonary fibrosis, identifying disease biomarkers and the design and execution of clinical trials testing novel treatments for pulmonary fibrosis. In the laboratory, his research team employs cutting edge genomic technologies and translational models to determine how select molecular derangements contribute to the development and progression of parenchymal lung disease. The long-term goal of this translational research program is to better understand mechanisms that contribute to disease progression and to infor the development of novel diagnostic and therapeutic strategies for patients affected with fibrotic lung disease.


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Chief, Transition Medicine

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Cynthia Peacock, M.D.
Associate Professor
Email: cpeacock@bcm.edu
Phone: (713) 798-4217

Dr. Peacock's professional interests include providing medical care and social support services to the growing population of adolescents and young adults with a chronic childhood illness or disability as they move from pediatric to adult healthcare. This is made possible through the Center for Transition Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine, which is nationally recognized for its excellence in healthcare and education. Partnered with Texas Children’s Hospital, it was developed to build adult capacity for patients with chronic childhood conditions. She and her faculty take care of patients with some of the rarest and complex conditions. The Center for Transition Medicine provides elective rotations for residents in primary care and medical students. In addition, the center is partnered with three outside institutions to provide an internship placement for social work students and a learning rotation for nursing students.